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Cancer Culture

In an age where looting a city is declared as nothing more than an insurance claim --- common culture is no longer common. Covid. Cancellation. Censorship. Race Riots. Domestic Terrorism. Trump. Biden. Congress.  Never mind any of this, let’s focus on the private parts of a plastic potato. We are trapped in a messy landscape between right-wing excuses and left-wing abuses. These poems capture the frustration of a population preparing for war instead of working towards peace. Headlines fail to inform. Politicians fail to perform. The streets bereft to transform. The suburbs virtual chloroform. Good intentions have a bad reputation. But what if we start from basic good and not expect perfect adults to be pulled from the societal womb. There is no Woke. There is only the Will to walk into tomorrow with a greater sense of respect for each other. For absent this understanding the alternative is suspicion and separation. 

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